Sunday, September 6, 2015

Meet The Men of Monaco--Tall, Dark & Sexy Trilogy

September 14 - The Tall Dark & Sexy series ushers in the Laurent brothers--Damien, Dane, Dallon. The brothers are the next generation of Laurent Holdings, a company that provides the super-wealthy with the ideal real estate property. While they continue the Laurent legacy, they are Monaco's eligible bachelors. Faling in love may not be on the agenda. Yet, romance knows no bounds. Read the sexy, emotional journeys that each brother takes to find his special soulmate.


Two worlds collide. And the battle of wills sizzle. Losing?—That’s out of the question. 

Damien Laurent is the ultimate bad boy of the Laurent Dynasty. After a series of tabloid faux pas, the family votes an immediate suspension, against him, from the real estate family business. One brother demands that he gets his head back in the game. The other brother suggests that he discovers his passion. No one knows the real reason for his hyperactive do or die antics. And he’s not telling. 

Except Anna di Torino, the Italian enchantress of royal blood, knows Damien all too well. Their torrid affairs had set headlines ablaze until she’d turned down his marriage proposal. Her family obligations continue to war with her desire for the man whose family from humble beginnings now owns most of Monaco. 

On a modeling assignment, she is thrust into the new world of professional electric car racing—Damien’s new playground. Seeing him again, revives the heady, sensual longing that she thought she’d successfully buried. Their reunion sets the headlines abuzz. But this time, she doesn’t want a bad boy. She wants a husband. Only one man stokes her desire, satisfies her needs, and seduces her heart…Damien!


Enemies to lovers, unlikely. Rules of engagement—pretend to negotiate, sway with compromise, seduce with a takeover of the body and soul. 

Dane Laurent lives and breathes the family real estate business. While his brothers attend parties for the wealthy who make Monaco their playground, he would rather stay focused on profit and loss statements. Regaining the number one spot for their high-end condos on the global market energizes his soul, not jetting around with spoiled socialites. 

When the Persian party-girl, Yasmin Nariman, needs a condo for herself and her entourage, he’s wary of the opportunity. Bad blood simmers between the Narimans and Laurents. And despite her intelligence and good looks, he doesn’t trust the only daughter of his father’s enemy. Little did he know that dealing with her came with strings attached. 

Yasmin plays hard. But what her critics don’t know is that she works hard. Her false veneer as a socialite hides her shark-like ability to infiltrate and take over market shares. While her family dabbles in oil, she sets her eyes on real estate development in Monaco. With her eyes on the significant market share of the Laurent business, she acknowledges that there is one obstacle—Dane.  

Her plan? To woo and conquer. His plan? To keep his enemy close, maybe never let go.


Some promises must be broken for hearts to heal and for love to grow. 

Dallon Laurent loves the family business with his passion for yacht racing, as a close second. His racing team heads to Barcelona, the home of his best friend, to wind down after a crushing loss to their rival. The plans to relax go awry when he’s reacquainted with Nicola Sandoval his best friend’s little sister turn sophisticated international fashion mogul. The flirty banter touches off emotions that he doesn’t ever want to face again—loving and forever losing a lover to a devastating illness. 

Nicola Sandoval barely looks at her older brother’s friends. Confirmed bachelors who have silly women hanging on their arms and on their every word. But, she withholds judgment at the first sighting of Dallon Laurent. His shy reserve intrigues and stirs her curiosity to know more about her brother’s friend. Not that she’s looking for a partner in bed or in her life. 

On his last night in Barcelona, they agree to one night of sensual decadence with no holds barred, and no looking back. But after Dallon returns to Monaco, Nicola knows that she will renege on the deal. Determined and stubborn, she reinserts herself squarely in front of Dallon. Now, she must prove, by any means, that what they shared wasn’t a figment of the imagination. That what they shared should have no end. That what they needed was each other.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

12 ALPHAS 12 MONTHS: Di Topaz's Excerpt



Mr. November 
The Ultimate Goal by Di Topaz 
"Will Justice and Angelique put their difference aside and go for the Ultimate Goal?"

Angelique could not believe the feeling that caused her body to tingle. She’d had orgasms before, but none that compared to the one she’d just experienced. It was so massive it could, from her perspective, count as more than one. She could not move. She wanted to lift her body onto her high bed, but that was a task she was not ready for as of yet. Her legs were still unstable. When she’d purchased the bed she thought of how sexy it would be. Never did she think she’d be too exhausted to get into the bed.

 When she finally opened her eyes, she looked down into Justice’s face. He still sat kneeling before her. She focused on his eyes and they had darkened with passion. She reached down and rubbed her hand across his face. He tilted his head and kissed her hand. The slight movement melted her heart. That was the motivation she needed to finally stand on her own.
Pushing away from the side of the bed, she reached for his hand. He placed his into hers and finally rose to his feet. She was quickly reminded that his bottom half was still covered with clothing. Placing her hand at the waistband of the sweatpants she pulled them over his hips. His member sprang forward ready for action. She had never been one of those people who believed in stereotypes. He was blessed with both girth and length.
“I have condoms in there,” she said as she pointed toward the nightstand.
 Justice wasted no time. He quickly stepped out of his pants and went to retrieve them. The shocked look on his face was enough to have her wondering if she’d left her magic mike there instead.
“What in the world?” he asked.
 He lifted his hand from the drawer holding several packages of condoms. All sizes and styles rained from his fingers. He looked at her with raised eyebrows.
“Hey, a girl can’t be too careful,” she laughed.

12 ALPHAS 12 MONTHS: Erosa Knowles's Excerpt



Mr. February 

RECLAMATION: Got your Six by Erosa Knowles 
"In the end, the only words he needed were hers." 

Closing his eyes, he dropped his head onto the lounger, allowing his lover to do her thing. Lately, a project at work had kept her tied in knots, and being a stress reliever had awesome benefits. Four days at the beach seemed the perfect remedy to rest and reconnect. Tamara’s knuckles grazed his cheek.

Max opened his eyes half-mast, watching, and waiting.
“I love you so much,” she whispered.
His dick jumped. Not because of what she said, but how the longing in her voice crawled inside his skin. “I never thought… never expected to meet someone like you. Not after… well, Eugene.”
Max tamped down the burgeoning irritation at the mention of that bastard into this special time.
Tamara rubbed against him, coaxing him back to life and robbing his mind of thought. His grip tightened on her ass, holding her close.
“You are so much more. A great father, friend to so many, and most importantly…” she whispered, and then kissed him lightly, again and again. Her tongue brushed against his mouth and slid between his lips.
Eager to join with her, Max’s body hummed with expectation. His fingertips trailed between her legs, seeking entry. “What? Most importantly what?” he asked when she stopped moving.
Tamara’s lips hovered above his. “Mine. All mine.” Her words sent a shaft of pleasure through him.