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Kudos to College's Stance on Mental Wellness

I'm in college mode. First kiddie-wink is heading off to college. I'm excited and petrified at the same time, as I recall my college adventures and a few mis-adventures. I went the route of the Freshman Focus program where they hand hold the incoming freshmen with a detailed, multi-day orientation process about the college and services.

At first, I moaned the fact that I'd be sitting through boring accounts and testimonies of college life. Should I bring my Nook to read as they waxed poetic about the founder and his contributions to the community? Should I have a secret stash of candy to inject needed sugar into the system after faculty number 15 talked about what he/she did at the campus? Should I skip the entire thing and just deal with stuff as it happens?

I was a good girl. I attended, paid attention, and actually learned a thing or two.

By the time the administration had completed the session, I wanted to re-enroll and enjoy the college experience again. As a parent, …

Resuscitating My Blog

It's never too late for a little spring cleaning. I decided to clear out the old posts. They'd served their purpose and I didn't like the feel of being a hoarder of old news. Plus with my new blogging gig over at USA TODAY's Happy Ever After blog, my personal platform was a bit neglected.

Once again, I raise my hand to say that I'll make the weekly effort to say something. Hopefully, whatever I do manage to say will be of some sort of value.

Stay tuned.