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One of A Kind -- Part of Author Yvette Hine's Shoe-Gasm Contest

(I'm currently participating in Author Yvette Hines' Shoe-Gasm Scavenger Hunt. Check it out:

Let the countdown begin...ONE OF A KIND will be ready for your reading enjoyment in less than a month.

Announcing Mr. Kent Fraser, executive coach of CEOs, please take your place on stage. My gorgeous British hero is all kinds of HOT and then some.

Can he handle the no-nonsense Dana Meadows, heiress-apparent of a media empire, a grandmother's Meadows Media Enterprises?

(Book Blurb)

She’s like no woman he’s ever met… Acting CEO Dana Meadows is being groomed to one day take over her family’s multimillion-dollar empire. She doesn’t need a perfectionist executive coach to take her through the paces…even if he’s the sexiest hunk she’s ever laid eyes on. But Kent Fraser isn’t taking no for an answer—in business or in pleasure.
Kent’s orders were clear: transform Dana into an inspirational leader who sets an example for her employees. But is the fiercely …

Holiday Romances To Warm The Heart; part 2

(Part 2) Holiday Romances abound and a few of my writing buddies are cross promoting these wonderful holiday treats. Check them out, please. Remember books always make great gifts. (More great books to be featured)
Love At Christmastime by Lisa Y. Watson Sometimes a glimpse of the past can hold the key to your future. The Love at Christmastime series is two sweet holiday novellas, A Heart for Christmas, and Two Hearts for Christmas to warm your heart and soul any time of the year.
In A Heart for Christmas, Yvette Stilwell, a young widow, has overcome a terrible loss. Her eight year old daughter, Lacey, is her primary focus and romance is a thing of the past...until now. When Christopher Darcy realizes that the woman sitting next to him in the airport is the “one that got away” so long ago, he is amazed at his good fortune.  But Yvette is not exactly ready to rush into anything, even after she discovers just how attractive a holiday romance may seem...
Will the magic of the season and some w…

Holiday Romances To Warm The Heart; part 1

Holiday Romances abound and a few of my writing buddies are cross promoting these wonderful holiday treats. Check them out, please. Remember books always make great gifts. (More great books to be featured)

Christmas Angel by Deatri King-Bey I’m just spreading a little Christmas Cheer! Enjoy…. The madness must end. All Abigail wants for Christmas is to be left alone. She has grown tired of her family’s horrible matchmaking schemes and her daughters’ deceptive plans to get her to take her ex-husband back. It’s not that she doesn’t want a relationship. She’s more than ready for Mr. Right to sweep her off her feet. She’s just come to the realization that there may not be a Mr. Right out there for her—and that’s okay. Now if she could only convince her family of that. Jeff is all work and no play, which is why he found himself stranded in the middle of nowhere with a blizzard quickly approaching. Desperate for cover, he spots a house in the distance. Upon meeting the kindhearted, gorgeous owne…

My Kimani Romance: One Of A Kind Has Arrived!

Happy Holidays!

I'm in celebration mode. (Commence with the Snoopy Dance) My author copies have arrived in that familiar Harlequin-labeled box. Next up my Kimani release - ONE OF A KIND - arrived this afternoon.

Announcing Mr. Kent Fraser, executive coach of CEOs, please take your place on stage. My gorgeous British hero is all kinds of HOT and then some.

Can he handle the no-nonsense Dana Meadows, heiress-apparent of a media empire, a grandmother's Meadows Media Enterprises?

(Here's an excerpt...)

Dana slid into the seat next to Kent. She didn't want to think about what had stirred her to make that move.
"Look at me." No matter the cause, the effect landed her next to his warm body. "Please?" She'd beg if she had to. 
Right now, here under the glaring bright lights, on a rumbling train, she wanted more than a taste of a wild ride. 
Kent turned his handsome face toward her. It was all she needed. Taking a deep breath, she mounted his lap. her hands a…

A NaNoWriMo Virgin


 Nothing like a challenge to keep me on the edge of WTH stress. I've signed up for the National Novel Writing Month challenge that will start November 1 and end at midnight on November 30. Through that time, I will write a 50K novel. There is no cost. There is no prize. It's on the honor system.

I have enough works in progress to write several 50K novels. But I'll be focusing on this particular one called Betrayal (Denny Bryce's named it). It's an emotional doozy of a book. And that's all I'll say about it for now.

Cheer me on, please.

Keep an eye on the widget (on the right of my blog page) that will show my word count. Let's hope that word count bar moves - fingers don't fail me now. Story storage unit please open the door and let the creativity flow.

Rockin' Mama's REVIEW: Fall Out Boy's Save Rock and Roll

Fall Out Boy came out of their hiatus and I'm freaking glad.

Not only did they re-emerge, but launched a new album--Save Rock and Roll.

I'd only seen them live at the Merriweather just before the lengthy absence, but not before I had fallen head over heels for this group. Then, I wasn't sure if I'd ever hear or see them again. I tapped my feet impatiently as each member pursued various solo projects. As a writer, I understand the need to stretch the wings, but....I was waiting for the return of Fall Out Boy.

So when the announcement came about the album, I was happy, but a little afraid of whether they'd retained their edge. They did more than retain it, they refined it with a maturity to the songs, sound and lyrics. Having Sir Elton John sing Save Rock and Roll with Patrick -- Bloody fucking epic!

The first video came out, but I held back.  Didn't pay attention until the second video, The Phoenix, was released. Oh my sweet googly moogly, when I heard Patrick&#…

Happiness is...Mahatma Gandhi

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony." Mahatma Gandhi.

I walk by this quote most days every week. Finally this simple statement is seeping into my consciousness.

It makes sense. How many times have we thought the good thought or affirmation. We may even utter the words with forced conviction. Then it comes to the performance and it's a dud.

Or like the reality shows, they don't have good thoughts, utter the most fake sentiments, and end things in a hostile exchange.

All sorts of scenarios of self-defeating behavior come to fruition if any one of those factors are not in sync. Boy, does it take work and effort to follow through in each crucial component.

I included this video as an extreme example of disharmony of the mind, body and spirit:

A struggle though it might be on some days: Think good thoughts. Speak with kindness and respect. Be a person of good cheer.

Mahatma was one smart cookie!


Celebrating Spring With A Bit of Carnival Temptress

In celebration of Spring Break, here's another excerpt from Carnival Temptress (The Revelers Series).

“Get up. Dance up. Who ready? She ready. J’Ouvert time!” Banging on the pot, Micha went to each room, chanting her chorus. She’d never heard so much cussing.
“Now you, b-yatches know how it feels.” She returned the pot and spoon to the kitchen.
“Payback.” Asha stumbled down the hall to the bathroom.
Micha knew she’d pay dearly for her wake-up assistance. Whatever. It felt good to get back at them. Most times, she was the last to get going. Their threats to leave her behind always fell on deaf ears.
“You’d better take off the jewelry.” Simone pointed at Micha’s earrings and necklace. “Didn’t you bring something old that you didn’t mind having to throw in the trash?”
“When you said old, I thought you meant like not fancy.”She’d worn a blouse that she’d bought about two years ago. The horizontal stripes were cute, but with the inches expanded around her body and limbs, those horizontal str…

Still Celebrating Launch of Carnival Temptress

Carnival Temptress is ready and available on Kindle and Nook. This e-novella was especially significant because it was my first story created from the start for my self-publishing arm--Stella Maris Publishing. By the way, Stella Maris was my Catholic elementary school in Guyana. A place that nurtured my love for reading and writing stories.

This Revelers series is a venture shared with Marcia King-Gamble is also writing carnival-themed stories. We will be publishing various stories, in tandem, throughout the year. Her book, Seducing Circe, will follow Carnival Temptress.

I also want to acknowledge a friend, Michelle "Trinibaby" Buckmire, for all her help with details about Carnival. It's one thing to research the event and watch the videos on YouTube to get an idea. However, having an avid, veteran Carnival reveler to provide the finer details was a wonderful bonus. Any deviations from actual goings-on was my intent as author.

I'll leave you with a wonderful video ab…

Carnival Temptress Playlist...Destra-Call My Name

Ladies can rock at Soca too. Destra is one of the queens of Soca. Here she is with Call My Name.

Destra Garcia is known for her high energy live performances, as you'll see in the video.

Lyrics for Call My Name

If you looking for somebody to come and rock spine
Just call my phone , dial my number boy anytime
Doh worry bout getting none of them roamin charges
And if its good service yuh lookin for then its me you have it

Just dem to call meh (Its my pleasure!)
Just dem to call meh (Call me whenever)
Inside of the fete (Just call my name)
Yuh want to get wet (Just call my name)
All out on the road (Just call my name)
In case you forget nowww

dey call de the Party Animal, we jammin straight till mornin
Is only me dey callin
dey call me the Queen of Bacchanal, is only non-stop wukkin
Just hear the people shoutin

Just call my name(Destra!)Just call my name(Destra!)Just call my name(Destra!)
Just call my name(Meh lover)Just call my name(Destra)Just call my name (Destra)
Just call my name(Destra…

Carnival Temptress Playlist...Kes-Thief A Wine

A song that I played, while writing, to help set the mood of what to expect for Carnival.

Here's KES, a Trinidadian soca band, formed in 2005 by three brothers and a friend. Their song is Thief A Wine.

Lyrics for Thief A Wine:

Ah cya let you get away
So I coming over dey
And thief a wine on you.

Baby come right here
Push it up on me
Before this party done
We’ll start a love affair
Baby you done know
Make dat bumper roll
I does lose control
Cya let you wine alone

So give me dat something
You know ah want something
Come leh we do something
I really want one thing
Come give me dat something
Cus girl I have something
So leh we do something
You know all ah want is one thing

Hey gyal it don’t matter what you do
I go be right up on you
I going to come and thief a wine on you
Watch the way you getting on
Wining rude gyal
It’s time to make da move gyal
I come to thief a wine on you

When she jamming on the road
I’ll thief a wine on you
Watch your bumper overload
I’ll thief a wine on you
Gyal before a go me…

Carnival Temptress Playlist...Indian Gyal by Machel and Drupatee

I'll be posting songs that inspired the story writing process and motivated the characters on their journey.

The first song is by Machel Montano and Drupatee Ramgoonai called Indian Gyal. Machel Montano is a long time Trinidadian soca singer, record producer, and songwriter. Drupatee is also Trinidadian and is known for her chutney soca and chutney songs, which blends Hindi and English in the uptempo Calypso-soca beat.

The ladies in my Carnival Temptress are dancing and listening to this song, as they try to persuade out-of-work Maya Lindsey to join them at Trinidad Carnival. The bandleader of these ladies, Asha Jaikaran, an indo Trinidadian, considers this song her personal anthem.

For those who can't follow the accent--LOL--Here's Indian Gyal

Well this indian gyal cyah come
and wok she waist
Take over the street
Make ah bacchanal in the place

Drop to the gound and
Shake all around
Push up on a speaker
Break it like ah indian drum

Calling it Mr Lotala
This gyal she …

Carnival Temptress -- Excerpt Teaser


Please enjoy this excerpt of Carnival Temptress, part of The Revelers Series with Marcia King-Gamble; upcoming March release. Editorial changes may still be made until final release. Chapter One

“Hey, baby, I’m heading out, now.” Maya nuzzled her man’s cheek with the tip of her nose.
“Okay. Is the coffee machine programmed?”
“Yep. Nine o’clock on the dot.” She slid her hand along Teddy’s back and over his firm ass. She squeezed his butt cheek, sucking air between her teeth, at the sexual rush. “God, I want you so bad.”
“You’re like an addict.”
Maya moaned. “Cause I don’t get to see you often.”
“Don’t start.”
Maya bit back further protest. They’d spent too many hours fighting about their long distance relationship. Well, to be honest, Teddy issued his mandate and she fumed and held a grudge. She’d even tried to withhold the v-jay jay, but once he stripped down to get into bed, not only her mouth drooled its juices.
“Love you.”
Teddy grunted his response.
Maya smiled and squee…

Finders Keepers - Sample Treat

Finders Keepers is getting a new life as a reissued e-book on Kindle and Nook. The book was originally published in 2003. It was my second book and start of a series of four college friends facing the big world. Right not, I'm re-editing and "modernizing" parts of the story. The upload to the digital platform should be at the end of January. Stay tuned.

Here's a sample:

Nicole stuck the key in the car door before turning to him. “Excuse me?” A glimmer of hope zipped through him.
“Next month, I’ll come to give you that review,” Brad said. Later, she would blame it on stress.
Nicole strutted over to where Brad stood. She pulled him down toward her. Still clutching his starched white shirt, she raised on tiptoe and planted a firm kiss on Brad’s mouth.
The act didn’t have any meaning, at first. Anger still sizzled through her petite frame, and she wanted to rip someone’s head off because she had been blindsided. The intent was to lash out, scream, vent.

Off To Write...Projects Underway

As I stare at the calendar and all those months ahead, and I look at the list of writing projects that await my attention, I know it's going to be a bumpy ride.  One of the paths to success, and I do plan to be successful, is to control my environment, as much as possible.

Of course, I know life happens. I won't always have the perfect writing bubble.

One of the things that I will be doing is the occasional self-exile from social media--I'll give heads up, so folks don't have to wonder.  In addition, I'm also going to limit my appearances this year. I have one conference that I'm co-chairing. Everything else, unfortunately, will have to be set aside for the year. This means that all plans to go to several conferences are no longer viable.

It's hard to cut off oneself because of feeling obligated, feeling that you'll miss out on something, or it's just plain fun to hang out.  But I have an aggressive schedule for several projects to come to life. An…