Finders Keepers - Sample Treat

Finders Keepers is getting a new life as a reissued e-book on Kindle and Nook. The book was originally published in 2003. It was my second book and start of a series of four college friends facing the big world. Right not, I'm re-editing and "modernizing" parts of the story. The upload to the digital platform should be at the end of January. Stay tuned.

Here's a sample:

 Nicole stuck the key in the car door before turning to him. “Excuse me?” A glimmer of hope zipped through him.

“Next month, I’ll come to give you that review,” Brad said. Later, she would blame it on stress.

Nicole strutted over to where Brad stood. She pulled him down toward her. Still clutching his starched white shirt, she raised on tiptoe and planted a firm kiss on Brad’s mouth.

The act didn’t have any meaning, at first. Anger still sizzled through her petite frame, and she wanted to rip someone’s head off because she had been blindsided. The intent was to lash out, scream, vent.

One look at Brad with his wonderfully sculpted lips, and instead she wanted to kiss him. Another shocker for the night was the faint tremor of delight shooting sparks throughout her body. Instead of a few seconds of brazen behavior, she lingered. Swooned was more like it.

His lips opened and she followed suit giving him entry for the deliciously lazy swirl of his tongue. With a soft sigh, she sagged within his massive arms.

He pulled away first and the small space between them allowed the cold night air to quickly douse the flames of desire. “Should I take that as a yes that it’s okay to come and review your B-and-B?”

Nicole didn’t respond at first and turned to head over to her car. The truth was that she couldn’t trust herself to talk.