Still Celebrating Launch of Carnival Temptress

Carnival Temptress is ready and available on Kindle and Nook. This e-novella was especially significant because it was my first story created from the start for my self-publishing arm--Stella Maris Publishing. By the way, Stella Maris was my Catholic elementary school in Guyana. A place that nurtured my love for reading and writing stories.

This Revelers series is a venture shared with Marcia King-Gamble is also writing carnival-themed stories. We will be publishing various stories, in tandem, throughout the year. Her book, Seducing Circe, will follow Carnival Temptress.

I also want to acknowledge a friend, Michelle "Trinibaby" Buckmire, for all her help with details about Carnival. It's one thing to research the event and watch the videos on YouTube to get an idea. However, having an avid, veteran Carnival reveler to provide the finer details was a wonderful bonus. Any deviations from actual goings-on was my intent as author.

I'll leave you with a wonderful video about Trinidad. Happy Spring!