My Kimani Romance: One Of A Kind Has Arrived!

Happy Holidays!

I'm in celebration mode. (Commence with the Snoopy Dance) My author copies have arrived in that familiar Harlequin-labeled box. Next up my Kimani release - ONE OF A KIND - arrived this afternoon.

Announcing Mr. Kent Fraser, executive coach of CEOs, please take your place on stage. My gorgeous British hero is all kinds of HOT and then some.

Can he handle the no-nonsense Dana Meadows, heiress-apparent of a media empire, a grandmother's Meadows Media Enterprises?

(Here's an excerpt...)

Dana slid into the seat next to Kent. She didn't want to think about what had stirred her to make that move.

"Look at me." No matter the cause, the effect landed her next to his warm body. "Please?" She'd beg if she had to. 

Right now, here under the glaring bright lights, on a rumbling train, she wanted more than a taste of a wild ride. 

Kent turned his handsome face toward her. It was all she needed. Taking a deep breath, she mounted his lap. her hands anchored his face. She gazed into those beautiful eyes.

"Kiss me?" Her question hung softly in the air, begging for his assent.

His gaze shifted to her mouth. Under her fingers, she felt his chin lift toward her face.

The kiss, the first contact, was soft, tentative, an introduction of sorts to each other's lips. She wrenched her mouth away because logic wanted a point of intrusion. Her breathing was heavy, as if she'd hit the treadmill for a challenging mile set on incline.

If you're game, help me get the word out. Looking for the first 20 (books are all gone) eager readers willing to accept a gift copy from me. In return, please leave a review on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Goodreads and any other willing venues (word of mouth is also appreciated). Recipients must reside on the U.S. mainland. Simply fill out, with your name and full address, the contact form in the top right of this website/blog with your information. The information will remain private and unseen by others, and will be sent directly to my email.

Here are a few of my fave Korean Pop videos to keep me singing and tapping my feet while I write address labels for the lucky 20 (books are all gone) people.

TAEYANG (also a member of Big Bang) - Ringa Linga

SHINee - Everybody

Join me in making ONE OF A KIND a successful roll out.

Available for pre-order on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other major retailers in e-book and mass market paper back (release late January '14).


Michelle Monkou
“I'm not so arrogant to think I'm the only guide someone needs ... but I might be the guide that someone needs.” ― Laura Anne Gilman


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    1. Hi Sherika, just go to the contact form at the top (right) of this blog and fill in your address info. It will go directly to my email, so you don't have to worry about anyone seeing it.

  2. Great. I will pre-order my copy and leave a review. Congrats!

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  4. Congrats on your new release Michelle! Loved the excerpt. It looks like a great read.

    1. Thank you. I'm excited to launch a new series.


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