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Let the countdown begin...ONE OF A KIND will be ready for your reading enjoyment in less than a month.

Announcing Mr. Kent Fraser, executive coach of CEOs, please take your place on stage. My gorgeous British hero is all kinds of HOT and then some.

Can he handle the no-nonsense Dana Meadows, heiress-apparent of a media empire, a grandmother's Meadows Media Enterprises?

(Book Blurb)

She’s like no woman he’s ever met…
Acting CEO Dana Meadows is being groomed to one day take over her family’s multimillion-dollar empire. She doesn’t need a perfectionist executive coach to take her through the paces…even if he’s the sexiest hunk she’s ever laid eyes on. But Kent Fraser isn’t taking no for an answer—in business or in pleasure.

Kent’s orders were clear: transform Dana into an inspirational leader who sets an example for her employees. But is the fiercely independent heiress apparent tough enough to become a media mogul? And is Kent strong enough to resist the desire that’s flowing between them? A tempting passion that could turn their collaboration into a partnership for life….

(Here's an excerpt...)

Dana slid into the seat next to Kent. She didn't want to think about what had stirred her to make that move.

"Look at me." No matter the cause, the effect landed her next to his warm body. "Please?" She'd beg if she had to. 

Right now, here under the glaring bright lights, on a rumbling train, she wanted more than a taste of a wild ride. 

Kent turned his handsome face toward her. It was all she needed. Taking a deep breath, she mounted his lap. her hands anchored his face. She gazed into those beautiful eyes.

"Kiss me?" Her question hung softly in the air, begging for his assent.

His gaze shifted to her mouth. Under her fingers, she felt his chin lift toward her face.

The kiss, the first contact, was soft, tentative, an introduction of sorts to each other's lips. She wrenched her mouth away because logic wanted a point of intrusion. Her breathing was heavy, as if she'd hit the treadmill for a challenging mile set on incline.

Available for pre-order on AmazonBarnes & Noble, and other major retailers in e-book and mass market paper back (release late January '14).


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