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Rockin' Mama's REVIEW: Fall Out Boy's Save Rock and Roll

Fall Out Boy came out of their hiatus and I'm freaking glad.

Not only did they re-emerge, but launched a new album--Save Rock and Roll.

I'd only seen them live at the Merriweather just before the lengthy absence, but not before I had fallen head over heels for this group. Then, I wasn't sure if I'd ever hear or see them again. I tapped my feet impatiently as each member pursued various solo projects. As a writer, I understand the need to stretch the wings, but....I was waiting for the return of Fall Out Boy.

So when the announcement came about the album, I was happy, but a little afraid of whether they'd retained their edge. They did more than retain it, they refined it with a maturity to the songs, sound and lyrics. Having Sir Elton John sing Save Rock and Roll with Patrick -- Bloody fucking epic!

The first video came out, but I held back.  Didn't pay attention until the second video, The Phoenix, was released. Oh my sweet googly moogly, when I heard Patrick&#…

Happiness is...Mahatma Gandhi

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony." Mahatma Gandhi.

I walk by this quote most days every week. Finally this simple statement is seeping into my consciousness.

It makes sense. How many times have we thought the good thought or affirmation. We may even utter the words with forced conviction. Then it comes to the performance and it's a dud.

Or like the reality shows, they don't have good thoughts, utter the most fake sentiments, and end things in a hostile exchange.

All sorts of scenarios of self-defeating behavior come to fruition if any one of those factors are not in sync. Boy, does it take work and effort to follow through in each crucial component.

I included this video as an extreme example of disharmony of the mind, body and spirit:

A struggle though it might be on some days: Think good thoughts. Speak with kindness and respect. Be a person of good cheer.

Mahatma was one smart cookie!