Land of Romance Fiction Is Like A Colorful Fruit Salad


Have you ever attended Romance Writers of America 400+ author booksigning event. It's always the Wednesday of the conference week. Quite an impressive sight to see because it's a smidgen of the books and authors who dwell in romance fiction land.

I personally haven't signed at the event in years. But I do go through to say hi to my fellow authors. This year had a massive outpouring of readers in San Antonio, Texas. They lined up for hours, as though it was a rock concert and they had to get to the mosh pit. BTW, next year is in New York City. Keep an eye for the details at RWA's site.

Basically, there were books filling every corner and space of several large meeting rooms.

Paranormal. Erotic. Contemporary. Urban Fantasy. Historical. New Adult. Young Adult.

Over $50K was spent that night in book purchases. Again, this is only a smidgen of what's out there.

The visual of that extensive and diverse list of books reminded me of my delightful childhood food/fruit options. I grew up in Guyana, home to an enormous amount of fruits. Trust me, nothing in any supersized supermarket captures half of the tropical gifts like guinep (fleshy tart, tangy, or sweet), five finger (tart), Pawpaw aka papaya (soft & sweet), star apple (purple & milky white flesh, sweet), souri (sour), plus simmoto, mangoes, cashews, gooseberries, guavas, pineapples, soursop, and on and on.

Some people loved them all. Some liked most, with a few exceptions. Others with finicky tastes may have only liked a handful of the selection. But it didn't matter because there was something for everyone.

That is the romance genre in a nutshell: There's something out there for everyone.

Thank you to those who have sampled my wares as part of the "fruit salad." I especially love those who have sought out MY "fruits of my labor" because you've fallen in love with my style and voice. I appreciate you adding me to your favorite author list and hanging in there for my literary ride.

Keeping you in the loop:
Turned in my 2nd book to the editor, One To Love, in the Meadows Family series. Coming out in Apr 2015
1st book, One of A Kind, on sale at all major e-retailers--Amazon's.

Still enjoying sales of my short story - Operation Conquer and Seduction in the Executive Assistant Anthology (written as Michelle Rhys). On sale at major e-retailers. Evernight's.

Happy Reading!