Thursday, February 20, 2014

Into The Pride (Evernight Publishing) -- Celebrating Release Day

One of my writing goals came true to write and publish urban fantasy. From the first time that I read Anne Rice's Interview With A Vampire and all her books, thereafter, Chelsea Quinn Yarbo, L.A. Banks and so many other notable fantasy/paranormal authors, I have felt drawn to this subgenre of romance with a bit of magic and intrigue.

Today, Feb 20, my short story -- Into The Pride (Evernight Publishing) has hit the e-shelf. This gem of an idea started as a anthology submission call. A quick flash of a story that would feature an alpha shifter. At the same time, I was watching a documentary on a lion pride. There was my A-ha moment. I wanted to write about the dynasty of the Nuuba shifters. In a matter of weeks, I wrote about David and Starr.

"David Chastain has one mission—to avenge the death of the royal Nuuba Pride, a dynasty of lion shifters. Enemies abound in all forms. Could Starr, the sultry warrior-priestess who abruptly interrupts his life for a quest, be his mate for life or his downfall for eternity? The adventure promises to be a wicked, steamy erotic ride to the end and beyond."

I'm absolutely thrilled to be welcomed into the Evernight Publishing family. Join me as I participate in a host of promotional events to introduce myself to you and to share the behind the scenes as a writer. Here's my latest blog: Love Around The World With Michelle Monkou

Purchasing the book is easy as pie. You can purchase directly from Evernight Publishing (right now there is a discount), or Kindle or Nook (they are little slow on the link, so I'll update as soon as available), All Romance EBooks.

Happy Reading and let me know what you think. Yes...go with a series?


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Into The Pride...The Nuuba Dynasty (Lion Shifter story)

Happy Romance Month!

Really I'm all for gifts and declarations of love on the 14th, but showing love, being in love, and celebrating love is a daily exercise. And a healthy, sexual appetite never hurts to keep the sizzle going.

Enjoy my Feb. 20 release--Into The Pride (The Nuuba Dynasty; lion shifter story)

David touched a teasing kiss on the corner of her mouth.

A cozy nest enveloped them under the softened shadows. Their private cocoon embraced all of his body’s wishes and his heart’s desires.
The shadowy cover of the dark surroundings did a good job to hide the bulk-up of his muscles. The inner beast gifted him with heightened senses, power, and endurance. It retreated to its deep cavern that meshed with his soul. Time for him to man up, something he had no problem delivering on.

With his body stretching the limits of his clothes, all parts of him ached to be free. His biceps bulged to match the expansion of his chest, thighs, even his neck. The length of his shaft pressed against his pants. He groaned.

“Take my hand,” she whispered. “Let me touch you.”

He took Starr’s hand and slid it up and between his thighs. His eyes squeezed shut. Fire shot through him like an electric shock. She pressed her willing fingers to cup his arousal. The small grin threw him over the edge, head first.

David kissed her again, deliberately aiming for the bow of her bottom lip. Soft and sweet, he devoured her. Without detaching his mouth from hers, he unbuttoned her blouse. Breathing got in the way when he had to come up for air. His eyes never left her face. And her stroking hand never left his cock. She unzipped him, freeing his eager penis that answered her magic touch—growing longer and thicker—until erect, twitching for more than a touch.

Her blouse displayed a hint of what lay behind her bra. Her skin glistened under the warmness of the temperature. He dropped a tender kiss on her chest, right below her chin. His gaze lingered on her body, watching her heart increase its pump against her skin. He brushed his fingers over her flat stomach. The shiver of her body pleased him.

He rested his hand over her heart. “Keep your eyes on mine.”

Her heart thumped so wildly, he was afraid she’d have a heart attack. His fingers continued its play with her abdomen. It trailed the lean ripples of her muscles. Every part of her he wanted to remember for when he returned home and lay in his bed battling insomnia.

Her breath fluttered with a sexy sigh. Her moans grew deeper, vibrating from well below the abdomen.

Her black-laced bra surprised him. In a good, bad ass sort of way. With her conservative attire, he’d expected no-nonsense underwear. That’s what he got for assuming. Her clothing choice earned another kiss on her breast. This time, he swirled his tongue over her soft flesh. Now he couldn't help but wonder about her panties. Eventually, he’d get there.

My heroine, Starr, took a proactive approach to be in sexy underwear. You just never know when you may have to strip. For my gift to you ($7 Evernight gift certificate) for answering this question, I will make a random pick from the comments on Feb. 15 (please be sure to include the necessary contact info): So are you a matching set or random pick of undies kind of woman? Or a man who enjoys his lady in matching/random pick undies?

The Grand Prize from Evernight Publishing: One lucky winner will receive a $100 Visa gift card for a night out to be randomly chosen from all blog comments. Be sure to include email address in comment prompt.

Now off you go for tantalizing snippets by some outstanding authors: 


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