My World of Netflix and Books -- as of 1/23

This past week I enjoyed a few shows that I'd already viewed on Netflix. I'm on the second round of the Supernatural series. Can't get enough of those Winchester brothers. I'm a Team Dean fan.

But I'm also rewatching Sherlock for the third or fourth time. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are great complementary actors who have solidified this contemporary interpretation for our hearts. Must add that the series was the perfect kickoff for the Christmas special: The Abominable Bride.

But the most memorable series for the week has been the British Gangsters: Faces Of The Underworld that showcases 14 episodes of the notorious crime lords and members of the various factions from the 60s through 80s and 90s. Heck, some might still be all caught up in the underworld. As these "characters" talked with smiles and misshapen noses, scars, and knitted bones, it was easy to forget that the stories were not fireside chats about a fantastical tale, but instead a confessional of injury, mayhem, and murder. Warning: the accents for the non-Brits might give your ear a workout in deciphering what exactly is being said. Still, the series does hold the attention.

As for the movies vs series shows, I saw Bruce Lee's first major movie--The Big Boss. You can see the potential of what was to come from this blossoming action star. And he solidified the superhero as a normal regular guy without special powers who through the right motivation (someone dishonoring his family) could kick ass if  needed to balance the scales of justice.

And then I have to show love to Donnie Yen's Kung Fu KillerReleased from prison, a kung-fu expert (Donnie Yen) tries to help the police find a vicious serial killer (Wang Baoqiang) who targets martial-arts masters.

Yen always pays homage to the martial arts--Wing Chun--that brought global attention to the movies coming out of Hong Kong and China.  For this movie, he won the Hong Kong Film Award for Best Fight Choreography and when you see the various fight sequences, you'll understand why he deserved the honor.

So what did I read this week? I seem to be stuck in the young adult fiction world. But it's not a bad place to hang for a while.

I finished another installment of Jennifer Estep's Mythos Academy series--Midnight Frost. I'm hooked on the series. It's one of those compulsions that I must complete the series because there is always another book to read. At least I'm at the tail end of it--I think. And now I'm just curious how it will wrap up. I have Killer Frost queued up for the next read.

After finishing up The Maze Runner series, I immediately jumped on to James Dashner's Eye Of The
Minds (The Mortality Doctrine, Book One).  Starting a new series isn't always a smooth jump for me. My brain is still debating the story elements in the previous series. But I plowed through and let myself patiently get into the rhythm of this new series. I have to say that Dashner can write the heck out of a fight scene. It's vivid and realistic. Those scenes and what they revealed about the characters' and their journeys were worth picking up this book. And yes, I'm ready to move onto the next book--The Rule of Thoughts.

So until next week, Netflix and Read.