Author Michele Kimbrough Pens A Letter To Her Younger Self -- You Are Enough!

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Now, onto a special treat where Michele speaks to her younger self with a special message from the heart.

Dear Younger Self,

I thought about you this weekend – all of your hopes and dreams and aspirations. I remember many of them. What I want to tell you is: You are enough. I want you to write it on your ceiling so that when you wake up every morning, it is the first thing that you see. You are enough. I want you to stick a note on your mirror so that every day that you look at your reflection, you are reminded, you are enough. I want you to carve it into your chair, so that every time you gather with your family at the dinner table, you are seated upon the very chair that says, you are enough.

Never doubt yourself. Although, I know you will. You will doubt yourself at every crossroad, at every turn and detour in your journey. You will wonder if you're making the right decision or if you will disappoint someone because you chose differently than they would have. Don't fret.

You know why?

Because the choices life hands you are either good, better, or best. You cannot lose, you cannot go wrong. Pick one and own your decision. If it doesn't render what you had hoped, then you have the right to change, make a mid-course correction, adjust your trajectory, and keep moving ahead. It’s your life, your story -- and you get to write it.

There will be some people who remind you of all of your past failures. They’ll tell you that you won’t amount to anything. I want to to tell you, don't let someone's opinion of you become your reality. Opinions are like belly buttons. Everybody has one. It doesn't make them right. It doesn't make you wrong. You are going to face a lot of people who want you to live for them, rather than yourself. You will have to choose -- either them or you. Who do you want to live for? Whose story are you writing?
Because hindsight is the lens through which I write this letter to you, I can tell you that  most times, you choose them -- you transcribe the story they write for your life. And you become miserable and pay dearly because as soon as the chips fall, they disappear. And you are left feeling a million tiny explosions in your heart. But you will recover. You will survive. You will learn not to make someone a priority who only considers you an option.

You are strong. You are a survivor. You are determined. And you will win.

So enjoy this adventure called life. Make your mistakes and, trust me, you will make plenty. Just remember to always get back up, dust yourself off and keep moving in a forward direction.

One more thing – you may need to sit down for this one. That body that you love so much? Well, it gets fat. Yes it does. You will keep it under control until after your third divorce, then you will say “screw it.” So, enjoy shopping for all of those cute little clothes while you can. Don’t let anybody give you any crap about how skinny you are. Trust me, you’ll miss being skinny later in your life.


Your Older Self

Michele's Bio: Michele Kimbrough lives in Chicago (but cheers for the Green Bay Packers).  She's an Air Force veteran and formerly a nonprofit corporate executive.  She counts coffee and red wine as the best discoveries of all times, and describes herself as a work in progress.

Michele writes stories because she loves peeling back the layers of messy truths that come with living life. Her characters are flawed and encounter challenges that either grow them or destroy them. Her passion is writing and she's written freelance articles and contributed to various blogs. 

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