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Meet Doris O'Connor-- Author of Sensual, Sassy, & Sexy Romantic Tales

Here's Doris O'Connor popping in from the U.K. to hang with us, as we get a peek into her writer life. Please finish the sentence "Writing sexy romance stories makes me happy because ...." I get to go on the journey with my characters, immerse myself in their lives and fall in love at the same time they do. It’s such a privilege to do that J What's a memorable fan experience/feedback that touched your heart? I recall a review I received for my story Through the Dom’s Lens, in which the reader thanked me for writing a story about a full figured lady, and for getting it right. She could utterly identify with my heroine’s insecurities, and that need to be loved for her. For someone to see past the body and to see the beautiful woman inside. It made me sniff, I have to say. If you could be the casting director for your current/upcoming release, who would play your hero and heroine? Ah now, my last release was Auctioned to the Protective Dom, and there is only one man who …

Starlight: A Falling Stars Novel -- Xio Axelrod

Welcome to author Xio Axelrod

What are you looking forward to accomplishing in 2016?

XIO: Now that I have my Indie career underway, I plan to start querying. It’s part of my grand plan to become a hybrid author. I would love to be able to bring my stories to a wider audience.
In addition to that nerve-wracking move, which includes polishing a few manuscripts, I have several releases planned this year; two novellas and two full-length novels.

Can you describe your emotions on seeing your books in the hands of your readers?

XIO: It is truly indescribable. As you know, I’m also a songwriter and vocalist. I spend a year or more writing songs and recording them. When I release an album, EP, or single, I rarely get reviews or feedback. It’s so different with my writing. Readers are very forthcoming with their opinions, good and bad, and I love it. Even if someone hates what I’ve written, I consider it a result. If I’ve triggered a strong emotion, I consider my job accomplished. (Assuming they ha…

My World of Netflix and Books -- as of 1/23

This past week I enjoyed a few shows that I'd already viewed on Netflix. I'm on the second round of the Supernatural series. Can't get enough of those Winchester brothers. I'm a Team Dean fan.

But I'm also rewatching Sherlock for the third or fourth time. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are great complementary actors who have solidified this contemporary interpretation for our hearts. Must add that the series was the perfect kickoff for the Christmas special: The Abominable Bride.

But the most memorable series for the week has been the British Gangsters: Faces Of The Underworld that showcases 14 episodes of the notorious crime lords and members of the various factions from the 60s through 80s and 90s. Heck, some might still be all caught up in the underworld. As these "characters" talked with smiles and misshapen noses, scars, and knitted bones, it was easy to forget that the stories were not fireside chats about a fantastical tale, but instead a …

Celebrate With Debut Author Kaia Danielle

Let's meet debut author Kaia Danielle:

What are you looking forward to accomplishing in 2016? 
Kaia: Writing my first full-length novel. Paying off my credit card. Getting rid of this gut. Learning how to sew my own wardrobe. Applying to (and hopefully attending) a writing residency in Martha’s Vineyard.
Can you describe your emotions on selling or seeing your first book published? Kaia: Bewildered. In awe of myself. The “cha cha cha cha” moment when Celie got her childhood home back in The Color Purple. CeCe Peniston’s “Finally, It’s Happened To Me.” Relief.
What are special qualities and characteristics about your hero and heroine? Any special significance to their names? Kaia: Kamaria’s name means “changes like the moon” in Swahili. I’ve been wanting to name a heroine that since I first saw it years ago. My favorite Kamaria line goes something like “I fell off the wagon. Now let me figure out how to climb back on it.” I love that she is determined to face her demons head on.
I was lo…