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Real Women Out Of This World Fantasies--Eve Vaughn


Why I Write Historical Fiction -- Piper Huguley

I often hear someone say, “History is boring.”
One word crosses my mind. Well!
Really, the person might as well have said to me. “I challenge you to a duel.”
It’s as if we are in a Hamilton scenario and I’m Aaron Burr. You’re going down with that foolishness.
Wait for it.
Ok, I’m done with the Hamilton references for now, but I make them because the Broadway hit has brought the message home loud and clear: history is not at all boring. I have come to understand that it is the work of my life to make readers see people in history, not just facts and dates. I chose to do this through my fiction, through historical romance. By showing how people in the past still managed to love one another in difficult times, it’s my intention to use my fiction to enhance human connection across time. After all, if historical people hadn’t loved one another in the past, we wouldn’t be here now.
The esteemed Beverly Jenkins calls it “edutainment.” What I hope to do with my brand of edutainment is to g…