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Do I Make This Stuff Up? - Rhonda McKnight

Do I Make This Stuff Up?

One of the perks of being an author is that I get to attend book club discussions with readers. There’s one question that I can count on being asked at every meeting. And that’s “Are any parts of the story true?” The reader is usually wide-eyed and excited, nearly sitting at the edge of their seat in anticipation of my answer. Surely, they want it to be yes and I almost want to say it is so they can be satisfied with my answer, but that would be a lie, not fiction. I shrug and give the disappointing answer, “No, I make this stuff up.”
When I write, my goal is to “touch the heart of women” through my stories. My characters are on a journey. By the end, they find God’s truth for their life.Finding God’s truth…there’s nothing fictional about that. There’s nothing fictional about the hurt or the hope or the love or the prayer or the sacrifice or any of the other actions my characters experience. I don’t really make that stuff up. I’ll use my 2016 Emma Award nomine…

Celebrating 'Making It Real' -- Synithia Williams

After five years in prison, Kareem Henderson is starting his life over. Though business is good at his barbershop, his goal is to open a high-end gentlemen's salon. But the road back is rough, and he needs connections in the society he once snubbed to make his dream a reality. He just never expected his second chance to come from the sexy female barber he hired last year.

Patrice "Neecie" Baldwin escaped the pressure of being the perfect daughter in one of North Carolina's most prestigious families to live life on her own. When family responsibilities call her home, she fears going back will expose her to the pressures that nearly ruined her. Neecie needs a shield, and tall, handsome, bad boy Kareem seems impenetrable. So she offers him a deal: If he'll pretend to be her fiance, she'll introduce him to all of her well-connected relatives.

But the more time they spend together, the more the irresistible attraction between them builds. They're from such di…

The Diamond's Literary Tea Party -- Deborah Fletcher Mello

On Saturday, February 13th the ballroom of the 21C Museum Hotel in Durham, NC was awash with pretty dresses and BIG hats as fourteen writers and their book fans participated in my first annual Diamond’s Literary Tea Party. The event was born from one of my favorite childhood memories – playing tea party with my late grandmother.
My grandmother was a fascinating woman. She always insured that our tea parties were lavish affairs with her best china, our Sunday dresses, the white gloves and of course, a pot of hot tea! It was every little girl’s dream come true! We’d sit and laugh and talk about everything near and dear to my heart which meant we talked books and the stories fascinating to me at the time. That Saturday, I was able to recreate the joy of those memories.
Tea is considered the most social beverage in all the world. The ceremony of sharing tea sets the table for friendships to flourish and relationships of any age to be cultivated. Throw in great books, the authors who wri…