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A Little Self-Reflection on First Quarter 2017

Can't believe the first quarter in 2017 is only a couple of weeks away. Wouldn't really matter except my goals are always tapping at the window to dominate my life. But I've pulled down the blinds only to let them in for a few hours every day with enough time for me to do what I need to do without encouraging burnout.

You see my goals are not small or casual. However, my attention to them is deliberately low key. I know they exist. After all, I created them. They are not shared. No accountability partners. No reshaping based on someone's interpretation of what should be my goals. Instead, I turned inward for the inspiration of what I would do in 2017.

I was gifted with 2017 planners by two author friends. I'd attended webinars by a personal development coach and a successful indie author on setting goals. I put in the work and necessary time to write challenging, but not impossible goals.

In the early days of the new year,  I'd focused on the goals, I started …