Suddenly Taking That Off-Ramp Ain't So Bad

I'm at a juncture of my writing career where I've already taken a turn down a path that had no guaranteed outcome. Wasn't looking for excitement. Wasn't looking for something new. Wasn't in the mindset of reinvention or redefining who I am or what I write. I simply saw an off-ramp and instead of passing it by, I turned the steering in that direction.

So far I'm guessing that I'm still on the off-ramp. It's not one of those quick deals where you quickly merge into the next flow of traffic. But this ramp is higher than most and seeing over the sides to guess where I am or where I'm going isn't altogether clear.

This is where gut instinct and faith reserves are tapped to maintain the onward momentum. Sometimes I may glance too long in that rear view mirror and want to hit reverse to go back to what I know. But there was a reason that I took the exit, deep down I knew that I had to trust in my instinct and go for it.

All the lessons learned made me ready for this. And because as a writer you never stop learning, you continue to work your butt off to be better. So as I continue on the off-ramp, I've got to allow the autopilot to kick in and go with faith and determination.

Can't let the bad advice from others, the bubbling inner doubts, or the nosiness to see what others are doing be the GPS for what I am doing.

To continue building on my foundation and reinforcing what I've already been blessed with, I have been reading a lot, but also soaking up the knowledge from authors like Joanna Penn who writes nonfiction and thriller fiction as J.F. Penn, along with providing a robust website of information for writers called The Creative Penn.

So I'm going to enjoy the journey, enjoy the challenges, and not allow the off-ramp with its foggy conditions disorient me from my goals.

Wish me luck,



  1. Good luck Michelle! I can't wait to see where the road takes you in your career and to read what I know will be the wonderful result. Life is about taking chances and some times the best outcomes are when we let go and have faith we'll come out where we are supposed to be on our journey. Be well and happy writing!


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