Sunday Musings: Wearing My Reader Hat

My Opinion (ain't a debate)
I've noticed a couple tendencies by authors that I find irritating. I don't know if it's marketing gurus pushing these tips or the economics of publishing and the tight market that have authors sound annoying. 
I wear two hats as reader and as writer. But as the reader, here's what I have to say. Do not come at me as if I have a life-commitment or blood oath to you, the author, after I buy your book. When I pay my dollars and you sell me the book, the fair exchange of goods has occurred. I owe you nothing further.
You can request a review for all the right reasons. That's fine. But don't turn that request into a whine on social media, don't try to shame or slam me, the reader, in a blog when no reviews are written on your behalf, don't write essays about why you need a review to keep writing books.
And for FFS, don't have a b*tch fit if the review is mediocre or a bad one. Remember, my only obligation to you is to pay for the book. You're the one holding up the baby and demanding I say it's pretty.
Now onto the next "thing." Seems that authors now want to tell readers the proper way to read a series. Not because the reader has the freedom to do whatever and whenever since they bought the book, but it comes back to how the reader's habits impact the authors' careers. 
Some readers will wait a couple books into a series before investing. Some will buy the first book, but may not read right away. So they aren't going to talk it up because they haven't read it. We're back to the no reviews thing. 
But since when did we, the readers, need an elbow in the back because we didn't crack that book open right away or didn't buy the first book of the author's series? I thought it was MY money that paid for the book and MY business when and if I ever read the book.
And why are authors tweeting, FBing, blogging their distress because readers are causing them not to sell or finish their series with the publishers? Like, I, the reader need to be burdened with your career issues. I've got my own problems. STFU. 
Dear author, my only obligation is to pay you for the book. Anything else I do is out of the appreciation or graciousness of my heart. However, if I don't, it doesn't mean that you're not appreciated. You're just not the center of my world so get over yourself.
And as an author...thank you for your continued support in whatever form or fashion :-)