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Book Release: To Tempt A Billionaire

Have you ever had an item on your to do list that never seemed to get completed?

For a while To Tempt A Billionaire was on the to do list as a work-in-progress that needed some TLC.

But priorities had to be shifted and the WIP had to take a backseat with the occasional visits from me when I had the time.

Finally, I was able to get to the finish line and bring this bachelor to the front of the line for some romance in Monaco.

Billionaire Dane Laurent lives and breathes for the family’s high-end real estate business. Considered a workaholic with no room for his brothers’ easy approach to life, Dane has one ambition—to take over his father’s company and shift the company into its next chapter of existence. He would do anything to protect the legacy built by his father.
However, the sudden entrance of Persian party-girl, Yasmin Mariman, requesting a condo for herself and her entourage sets him on a path that may destroy his ambition. There is history between the Marimans and Laurents that …