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Writing On The Other Side Of 50: My One-Person Writer's Retreat

I'm multitasking as my daughter heads off to grad school in London by taking the opportunity to have a business trip in England. It's been a couple years now that I haven't gone to a major conference. For one reason or another, I haven't wanted to head off to any meet up. And the bigger the venue the less desire I had to be bombarded by the hyperstimulation of a lot of people on my senses. Plus the weird after-conference effect where I get hit with a cold/flu/sinus infection.

Not so long ago, I was a conference bee when I had the energy and inclination to hang around thousands of writers. But I can't be bothered to interject myself into the atmosphere of either uber-ecstatic cheerfulness or the whine of navel-gazing misery. I'm in the middle of that neurotic range hovering on the couldn't be bothered "meh" of life or the bah humbug after getting doses of the me-factor ego-talk. So I figure that I'm better off at home.

But now in a few days, I…

Writing On The Other Side Of 50: My NEW Booktuber Hat

Anyone who really knows me knows my tendency to head off for new horizons. I'm constantly searching and soaking up the world around me. Wearing these multiple hats with their designated labels is least my life. Wife, mother, writer. And so the latest hat that I'm choosing to wear is booktuber.

Reading set me on a straight path to writing. By the time I wrote my first story, the experience was inspired by the childhood authors that opened a wonderfully colorful, imaginative world. And I have never stopped talking about the books that spoke to me. I certainly never stopped sharing about the ones that didn't, either.

But the point is that reading/chatting about books is an important social element to community building with more benefits than not. And I think there can never be too many book lovers celebrating books. As an author, I truly don't have Oprah-size influence on someone's work (for those who say that an author can't or shouldn't talk abou…