Writing On The Other Side Of 50: My NEW Booktuber Hat

Anyone who really knows me knows my tendency to head off for new horizons. I'm constantly searching and soaking up the world around me. Wearing these multiple hats with their designated labels is life...at least my life. Wife, mother, writer. And so the latest hat that I'm choosing to wear is booktuber.

Reading set me on a straight path to writing. By the time I wrote my first story, the experience was inspired by the childhood authors that opened a wonderfully colorful, imaginative world. And I have never stopped talking about the books that spoke to me. I certainly never stopped sharing about the ones that didn't, either.

But the point is that reading/chatting about books is an important social element to community building with more benefits than not. And I think there can never be too many book lovers celebrating books. As an author, I truly don't have Oprah-size influence on someone's work (for those who say that an author can't or shouldn't talk about books).

And since I'm on the other side of 50, I'm all out of f*cks if someone doesn't like my new booktuber hat. I want to share the books that excite me and you're not the boss of me.

MishMonk's Book World is a new YouTube channel dedicated to providing videos on the books I've read.

Genres that I plan to cover:

Non-fiction: Autobiographies, Biographies, Memoirs, Self-Help, Writing Craft-specific

Fiction: Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Thriller, Women's Fiction, Historical Fiction, *Romance

*Romance: Since I've spent a significant part of my life writing and publishing romances AND I'm personal friends with many romance writers, I'll only highlight books that I recommend, rather than perform a book analysis of the good and not so good.

Although the account is empty and until I launch with my official welcome message next week, (I want to hit a MAC counter to make this face look less tired), I invite you to subscribe to my channel.