Writing On The Other Side Of 50: My One-Person Writer's Retreat

Old pic of last UK trip, hence 2015 calendar
I'm multitasking as my daughter heads off to grad school in London by taking the opportunity to have a business trip in England. It's been a couple years now that I haven't gone to a major conference. For one reason or another, I haven't wanted to head off to any meet up. And the bigger the venue the less desire I had to be bombarded by the hyperstimulation of a lot of people on my senses. Plus the weird after-conference effect where I get hit with a cold/flu/sinus infection.

Not so long ago, I was a conference bee when I had the energy and inclination to hang around thousands of writers. But I can't be bothered to interject myself into the atmosphere of either uber-ecstatic cheerfulness or the whine of navel-gazing misery. I'm in the middle of that neurotic range hovering on the couldn't be bothered "meh" of life or the bah humbug after getting doses of the me-factor ego-talk. So I figure that I'm better off at home.

But now in a few days, I'm stepping out and planning to have my one-person writer's retreat. I'll kick it off with a welcome to first timer's meet up at the closest pub. Then maybe have a tour of the retreat venue--it is a small space. King-sized bed and desk and chair for the writing sessions. Bathroom facilities close at hand for nature calls. And I have my converter and adapters for the necessary music and writing devices.

I'm sure during my retreat that there will be lots of contact with the outside world. After all, I'll be England. I'm already registered for a reader event at Hachette Publishers (but not hosted by them). I'll be sure to visit an actual brick and mortar bookstore (Waterstones) to pay homage as if it is an endangered species--well, actually, it is.

On the brainstorming and plotting side of the writing, I'll be making visits to castles, palaces, museums, and other historical venues. And of course, all of this brain power will require food and lots of it. So I will pay due diligence to a diverse range of restaurants and eateries that aren't even British inspired.

All in all, I expect that my solo writer's retreat will be a fantastic uplift for my creative well. I'll check in on the other side of the pond next week.